Blood Battle
TWIN HEADS Vol 10 Cover
Chapter Info
Kanji 血戦
Romaji Kessen
Release Date May 28, 2017
Pages 32
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 9 Chapter 11

Blood Battle is the tenth chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Kaisar, Favaro and Jail ride towards the cave under the volcano. The trio notice guards outside the cave so Favaro starts a massive fire. Kaisar also attacks a guard with his sword while Favaro carries Jail on his back. The trio are shocked when the burning guards are rescued by Violet, who used her ice magic to freeze away the flames.

The guards then surround Kaisar, Favaro and Jail while Violet prepares to use her magic on the trio. When all seems lost for Favaro and his friend, Dean shows up as Favaro had anticipated. Dean is leading a group of men towards them. Violet tries to shoot ice shards at Dean but Dean breaks them using his arrows.

Favaro takes his opportunity to use a smoke bomb. The smoke enables Favaro, Kaisar and Jail to head into the cave while Dean confronts Violet, intent on enacting revenge. He and his men charge at her though Violet is ready to kill them all.

Favaro, Kaisar and Jail make their way through the dangerous passage inside the cave. They encounter one guard inside whom Kaisar defeats. Two other guards report to Roxanne about intruders while Roxanne stands before a very intimidating golem.



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