TWIN HEADS Vol 11 Cover
Chapter Info
Kanji 守護神復活
Romaji Shugoshin fukkatsu
Release Date June 25, 2017
Pages 32
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 10 Chapter 12

This is the eleventh chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Jail confronts Roxanne. When Favaro and Kaisar show up, Roxanne unleashes the golems on them. With his enemies distracted, Roxanne runs away but Favaro intercepts him. Roxanne then presents the most powerful of the golems to Jail and attacks him. Favaro and Kaisar fight against the mighty golem while Jail rescues an injured soldier. To Roxanne's horror, Kaisar takes advantage of the golem's retractable hands. Kaisar is able to get close to Roxanne and slash him with his sword.

Outside the cave, Violet has easily defeated Dean and his men though Dean still tries to stand back up. He attempts to use Violet's own ice magic against her. Dean encases Violet in a sphere of ice though she easily escapes while Dean collapses.


  • The cover features Bacchus and Hamsa, though they don't appear in the manga.


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