TWIN HEADS Chapter 12 Cover
Chapter Info
Kanji 勇気
Romaji Yūki
Release Date July 23, 2017
Pages 32
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 11 Chapter 13

Courage is the twelfth chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Roxanne lies dead in a pool of his own blood at the feet of his enemies. Kaisar and Favaro look on for a moment before Jail shows up. Almost immediately after the cave's ceiling begins to fall apart and the trio make a hasty run towards safety.

Favaro presents Jail with the wand he took from Roxanne's corpse. Violet appears with a menacing grin and attacks Kaisar and Favaro. Jail rescues them by controlling the golem using the wand. Violet tries to defend herself but Kaisar and Favaro distract her, allowing the golem to land a devastating blow from above.


  • The cover features Nina Drango, though she doesn't appear in the manga.


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