TWIN HEADS Chapter 13 Cover
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Release Date August 20, 2017
Pages 36
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TWIN HEADS is the thirteenth and final chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Violet survives the attack but is badly injured. She recalls the attack on her hometown by the demon Pazuzu and becomes enraged, seeking one last opportunity to claim Jail and his power, but Kaisar charges forward and slices her with her sword, killing her.

The volcano begins to erupt, as seen by Dean and Petra from outside. The inside of the cave becomes unstable and Kaisar, Favaro and Jail manage to escape with their lives. It is revealed that they relied on the golem to get outside.

With the problem solved, Favaro and Kaisar bid Jail farewell and ride off on their horses. Jail walks back towards Petra and the King with a smile on his face.



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