Favaro's Choice
TWIN HEADS Vol 2 Cover
Chapter Info
Kanji ファバロの選択
Romaji Fabaro no Sentaku
Release Date September 25th 2016
Pages 31
Chapter Chronology
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Favaro's Choice is the second chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Kaisar attacks Favaro by swinging his sword at him. Despite Favaro's protests, Kaisar continues to attack without hesitation. Favaro runs away and climbs onto a roof. Kaisar follows after him but Favaro manages it to knock him off the roof, sending him plunging into the river below.

Favaro steals a man's caravan and races back to where he left Jail and Petra. The two are being carried off by the men who had accompanied Kaisar earlier. Favaro tosses smoke bombs and escapes the area with Jail and Petra.

Kaisar spots the trio in time to watch them leave. A carriage pulls up in front of him and he gets inside where he meets the hooded woman. Favaro's caravan gets attacked by masked men but he manages to throw them all off.

The carriage nears Favaro and the hooded woman inside reveals her face. She proceeds to fire ice projectiles at the caravan, completely destroying it and knocking its passengers into the air.


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