House Marginal
TWIN HEADS Vol 3 Cover
Chapter Info
Kanji マージナル家
Romaji Mājinaru ke
Release Date October 30th, 2016
Pages 29
Chapter Chronology
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House Marginal is the third chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Favaro, Jail and Petra fall into the river. Kaisar decides to search for the trio on his own without the help of the suspicious Violet. Meanwhile, the unconscious Jail has a dream about the day his father, King Cyrano Marginal, collapsed after an argument with Roxanne for unknown reasons.

After waking up and changing back into his now dried clothes, Jail tells Favaro about his origins and about the "special golems" gifted to his family by the gods. Soon after telling his story, Kaisar arrives at the trio's location and gets into a fight with Favaro.

The four soon spot Violet, who has also found them. Violet promptly launches an ice attack on all four.


  • The cover features Amira, though she doesn't appear in the manga.
    • Amira is featured again on the cover of Chapter 13.


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