Frozen Scar
TWIN HEADS Vol 6 Cover
Chapter Info
Kanji 凍てついた傷痕
Romaji Itetsuita kizuato
Release Date January 29th, 2017
Pages 35
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 5 Chapter 7

Frozen Scar is the sixth chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Dean explains to Favaro what had Violet done to him in the past. He reveals her attack on his village, killing people he cared about by using some sort of ice magic. Meanwhile, Roxanne sits at a table stacked with delicious food. He snuggles up with two women until a guard offends him. Roxanne attacks the guard and decides to visit Jail in the dungeon. Roxanne begins yelling at Jail, who is unafraid of him. Violet then approaches the cell, uses her magic to freeze the cell bars and break it off. She reaches her hand in towards a terrified Jail.

Elsewhere, Kaisar sneaks up on a soldier and steals his clothes. Petra is shown with him. Favaro is now on his way to the castle where Jail is.


  • The cover features Jeanne d'Arc, though she doesn't appear in the manga.


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