TWIN HEADS Vol 7 Cover
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Romaji Kaze
Release Date February 26, 2017
Pages 31
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Wind is the seventh chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Kaisar manages to sneak past the guards standing at the entrance of the castle by presenting the "corpse" of Petra. Once inside, Kaisar frees Petra from the bag. Petra then leads him to where Jail is being kept.

Roxanne is shown furiously complaining to Violet about her conversation with Jail earlier. A guard reports to Roxanne that a fire has started. Kaisar and Petra are responsible and while the guards are distracted, the two continue towards the dungeons. Once they arrive outside Jail's cell, Kaisar uses his sword to cut the bars down. Petra and Jail proceed to have a tearful reunion.

On his way out, Kaisar is confronted by Violet. Before Kaisar gets into a fight with her, Kaisar spots Roxanne leading a group of men. The men are carrying objects salvaged from the building Kaisar had set fire to. Kaisar charges at Roxanne and takes him hostage.

This allows Kaisar, Petra and Jail to leave the castle with Roxanne in tow. However, masked soldiers begin attacking them once they've reached the port. A ship suddenly appears and crashes into a pathway, knocking Roxanne and the soldiers into the sea.

To Jail's delight, the ship is captained by Favaro who has come to help him.


  • The cover features Barossa Leone, though he doesn't appear in the manga.


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