TWIN HEADS Vol 8 Cover
Chapter Info
Kanji 燃える銀盤
Romaji Moeru Ginban
Release Date March 26, 2017
Pages 32
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This is the eighth chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Jail is happy to see Favaro alive and notes his bandages and new outfit. Favaro and Kaisar share a wrist bump before they all get on board the ship and set sail. Violet arrives and prepares to use fire projectiles at the ship, but Roxanne is clutching onto the ship, forcing Violet to let the ship sail off while Favaro sticks his tongue out at her. Roxanne does slip and fall off the ship. The guards behind Violet make note her rage as she subconsciously turns the ground to ice.

On the ship, Petra gives Jail a special wand which Jail is able to use. After Roxanne is pulled out of the ocean, Violet proceeds to freeze the ocean itself in order to stop the ship's escape. With the ship stuck, Violet leads the guards to another location. Roxanne tries to take command of them but no one listens to him. Roxanne cries out in fury. He decides to steal a horse and charge at the enemies on his own.

Favaro and Kaisar have gotten off the ship while Petra and Jail remain on board. They spot Roxanne running towards them but Roxanne suddenly slips on the ice. Masked soldiers begin attacking and two board the ship while the others surround Favaro and Kaisar. A fight ensues.

Jail decides to use the wand to unfreeze the ocean and he manages to unfreeze the path ahead of the ship. Favaro and Kaisar quickly get onto the ship but Roxanne is already there, soaking wet and furious by what Jail could do. He attacks Jail and steals Jail's wand, but only he falls into the ocean since Petra managed to catch Jail's leg.

Once Roxanne makes it back to the shore, he sees Violet standing menacingly over him.


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