Footsteps of Ruin
TWIN HEADS Vol 9 Cover
Chapter Info
Kanji 破滅の足音
Romaji Hametsu no ashioto
Release Date April 30, 2017
Pages 31
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 8 Chapter 10

Footsteps of Ruin is the ninth chapter of Shingeki no Bahamut TWIN HEADS.



Roxanne and Violet are shown attending a lavish party, although only Roxanne is enjoying himself. Elsewhere, Petra is tending to an unconscious Jail. Kaisar and Favaro, who are in the same building, get into a brief argument. Petra soon alerts them to a mysterious arrow with a note tied to it. The note compels Favaro and Kaisar to go deal with something outside though Petra hesitates allowing them.

By morning, Roxanne wakes up on the floor and sees a crowd of ordinary citizens gathered outside a window. This startles Roxanne while Violet is unfazed. The two lead the people to a cave where Roxanne tries to use a special wand to control the golems inside. Roxanne is successful in controlling the golems to do exactly as he wants.

That night, villagers begin to notice smoke rising from a volcano. Jail also sees it and decides to sneak out and find out what's going on. On his way, he spots Favaro and Kaisar waiting for him. The trio begin their journey while Petra watches from behind a tree.


  • The cover features Azazel, though he is only briefly mentioned in the chapter.


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