The war with Bahamut is an event that occurred 2,000 years prior to Bahamut's revival.




Bahamut remained imprisoned for 2,000 years.

Zeus was succeeded as the leader of the gods by Gabriel, while Satan was succeeded as the leader of the demons (presumably) by Lucifer, although Cerberus claimed there was an ongoing succession struggle as a result of Satan's absence.

In the meantime, communication between the gods and humans dwindled over time and hostilities never waned between the gods and demons, and demons continued to harass humans as seen during one incident. Conflict between the three species paved way for a sorcerer, Gilles de Rais, to plot Bahamut's return by manipulating the three species and turning them against each other.

Gilles' plan would ultimately succeed through the use of a hybrid named Amira, who absorbed both keys and fused with Bahamut. This fusion was permanent and there was no way for Zeus and Satan to be revived since prior to this the two had simply been "resting in peace." The seal used to lock Bahamut away could not be remade either.


Sometime after this war, the gods prophesied the arrival of a "Holy Knight" who would defeat Bahamut should the dragon ever be revived. This Holy Knight was destined to bring peace to the world.[1]

Jeanne d'Arc, a saint chosen by Michael to be the vessel of the gods, hoped to become this prophesied knight, although fate had planned a very different course for her. The prophesy instead spoke of an ordinary bounty hunter, who began receiving visions of Bahamut shortly before the dragon's revival.


  • This particular event sets the story for Genesis. Had the war ended even slightly different then many of the events in Genesis would not have occurred.


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