• What's with this background? Is this a joke for you? And the header's color doesnt match the wiki's color theme (blue&white) I will complain to the wikia staff if you don't fix this whole mess ASAP. I will also ask to adopt this wiki when its possible. Anyway, this isn't a threat and don't take it as one. I suppose you're more than 13. As the only admin here, please act mature and treat this community well. 

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    • This was my attempt to make a Christmas theme and no, it is not a joke. If you want it changed I will change it, since Christmas IS over.

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    • This isn't the point plus that Christmas background theme is too flashy. It should be discreet and blend in with the wiki. A good example of that would be the One Piece Wiki french community. Also, I noticed few people complaining about you deleting or modifying user's edits. You should know that this is not your role. Bureaucrats/admins and even regular editors should not remove or modify someone else's edit unless there is a valid reason behind. 

      Useful link you should check out

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    • That particular user was adding bias information. I removed the parts that focused solely on the user's favorite ship. I reworte most of it because Charioce XVII's Plot section hardly spoke about anything besides the ship. You can check if you don't believe me.

      As for the background, I'm still new at doing this so it does look "flashy." I'll change it now so I don't have to do it later.

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    • Ok then, no problem.

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    • A FANDOM user
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