The Transcendence Key is the combination of the God and Demon Keys.

History[edit | edit source]

Bahamut was sealed away 2,000 years ago and the keys that could reawaken it - the God Key and the Demon Key - were taken to Temple Ark and Helheim, respectively.

Gilles de Rais sought to bring about the end of the world by reawakening Bahamut. To do so, he needed a vessel that could contain both keys and subsequently merge with Bahamut.

To this end, Gilles tricked Belzebuth into creating a half-demon/half-angel child of his and Nicole's essence. Through manipulation, this child would steal the God Key from the gods and return to Belzebuth in Helheim to absorb the Demon Key as well.

The gods tried to prevent Amira from succeeding in her mission. Three archangels tried to contain the seal surrounding Bahamut and knew that by doing so, Amira could never awaken Bahamut even if she obtained both keys. Their efforts were thawed when Gilles sent Jeanne d'Arc to kill them.

Amira absorbed both keys and eventually transformed into the Transcendence Key. Belzebuth carried her off inside an orb and took her to Bahamut, which was eagerly awaiting its own revival. Once Amira was at Abos, Bahamut quickly absorbed the Transcendence Key. This event was witnessed by many gods and demons, who were ready to try and stop Bahamut's rampage.

The union of Bahamut and the Transcendence Key is permanent.

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