The land of the gods is the home of Gods/Angels.


The land of the gods is a sacred and holy place that exists in the sky.

Non-residents can only access it by flying up there either on a dragon's back or using a magical carriage.

demons are the only known species unable to set foot in this land.

The land of the gods is the home of all gods and angels who have not been exiled or cast out and became fallen. In its first appearance, the land glowed with a golden hue. This glow disappeared at some point after Bahamut was defeated by Favaro. The land of the gods has many subsections all throughout.

There is special hall contains balls of energy floating around. Each ball of energy represents a god who has died. The more balls appear inside the hall, the fewer gods and angels roam the land. There is also secluded room often used as a prison and has been known to temporarily hold El, Bacchus and Hamsa.

The leader of this land was Zeus, who was succeeded by Gabriel. Gabriel generally remains in one large chamber which is accessed through large doors and is the room one needs to enter in order to speak with her. It may also be the place of residence of the other archangels, as they were commonly seen here as well.

Jeanne d'Arc, a servant of the gods, currently resides in the land of the gods.


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