Shall We Dance?
Episode Info
Air Date August 26, 2017
Screenplay Shizuka Ōishi
Animation Direction Atsushi Wakabayashi
Episode Chronology
Virgin Soul Episode 18 Virgin Soul Episode 20

Shall We Dance? is the nineteenth episode of Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul.



Alessand and Nina infiltrate the ball with Rita observing the events from a distance. However, the operation goes awry when Nina approaches Charioce asking to dance. Charioce dances with Nina, then takes her to the balcony letting her know that they will not be seeing each other again, and that the promise to tell her about his true intentions was a lie. Favaro arrives to get the bracelet, but learns that it is not possible to remove it without killing Charioce. Favaro uses a smoke bomb to get Nina away. Favaro, Kaisar, and Nina arrive at the port when the mercenary hired by the Onyx Knights to kill Nina arrives. Favaro tries to use another smoke bomb to get away, but the knights were prepared and used the smoke to ambush the three.




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