Wailing Woods is a forest located in an alternate dimension.


Wailing Woods became the home of an ancient dragon during the war between Bahamut, Zeus and Satan. Through unknown means, one of Bahamut's talons lodged itself into this ancient dragon's foot. Due to Bahamut's power, the ancient dragon was sent into another dimension and remained trapped in Wailing Woods for 2,000 years.

Amira, Favaro and Kaisar eventually arrived in Wailing Woods through a portal that sucked them in against their wills. The trio heard the roars of the dragon and saw a talon. Amira and Kaisar tried to remove it but only Favaro succeeded. The Ancient Forest Dragon then revealed himself and thanked Favaro for his help.

The Ancient Forest Dragon proceeded with explaining to the trio the impending arrival of Bahamut, brought about by Amira's existence. Although Bahamut's revival was a pre-destined event, Favaro informed the dragon that he was going to undo fate and prevent Bahamut's return; this amused the dragon, who promptly gave the talon to Favaro for his quest.

At Amira's insistence, the Ancient Forest Dragon opened a portal to allow the trio to leave but not before warning Favaro that he must kill Amira in order to prevent Bahamut's return.


  • The name "Wailing Woods" maybe a reference to the Ancient Forest Dragon's roars prior to being freed from the talon.


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