This wasteland is the current home of the demons and fallen angels.

History[edit | edit source]

Following the Fall of Cocytus, the demons and fallen angels who managed to avoid capture by the humans relocated to this barren wasteland.

For the next five years, this wasteland became the new homeland for the demons. The captured demons were, meanwhile, enslaved by the humans and forced to reside in Anatae. The survivors remained terrified and fearful of their survival and were too afraid to retaliate due to the power possessed by the humans.

Azazel was the one to convince these demons to launch an attack on Charioce XVII, promising the backing of Jeanne d'Arc and the gods. Led by their leader, Lucifer, many demons left the wasteland to fight in a war against the humans.

However, the demons eventually chose to protect Anatae from Bahamut's fireballs while Charioce, as he had planned, fought the dragon using Dromos. His victory ended the war. The demons once enslaved became paid workers who chose to remain in Anatae while the remaining demons presumably returned to the wasteland, their grudge seemingly gone.

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