Wytearp is a city.

History[edit | edit source]

Wytearp is a large city that can be entered through a long narrow bridge or a dirt road that leads upwards. There are many shops and people roaming the streets. Wytearp appears to be situated on a mountain.

It is presumably the home of Garth and Ghos. Due to the bounties on their heads, bounty hunter Favaro Leone arrived at Wytearp in search of them and, despite being chased by former knight Kaisar Lidfard, Favaro was able to capture at least one of the brothers.

Amira landed on a road leading to Wytearp after being struck by Michael's sword. She entered the city in search of a way to reach Helheim and encountered Favaro, whom she forcibly made into her travelling companion. Amira also assisted in defeating the other brother.

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