Ysmenport is a port city with many ships and various seafood stalls.

History[edit | edit source]

Ysmenport's sea-orientated culture makes it the home of pirates, sailors and anyone with a passion for the sea. Numerous shops sell a variety of sea food while the harbor features many ships that can cross the ocean to other destinations.

Because of its close proximity to the sea, people of Ysmenport are also aware of the various sea monsters that lurk nearby. The most famous of these monsters is the Shipwrecker, a giant crab that has sunk countless ships.

Ysmenport became the destination of Favaro Leone and Amira who decided to board a ship there to continue their journey to Helheim. In pursuit of the former, Kaisar Lidfard and Rita also boarded a ship, though they ended up with pirates who wished to sell them instead.

Kaisar and Amira were ultimately taken from Ysmenport by Azazel, forcing Favaro and Rita to find a way to locate them.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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