Zombies are the reanimated corpses of the deceased.

History[edit | edit source]

Although not technically a species, zombies can be defined by their unique preference for biting others to transform them or for devouring flesh. They were originally human beings who had died but were brought back to serve whoever "revived" them.

On its own, a zombie is a mindless, flesh-eating being with a body that continues to rot. They no longer retain their former memories or any semblance to the person they once were. If reanimated by the Black Bible, a zombie can be controlled by the Bible's user to an extent that they could behave like normal. However, the user can just as easily get attacked by their own zombie minions if they fail to meet the zombies' needs.

The largest number of zombies known resided in Nebelville, a town that suffered a massacre at the hands of a troll. The sole survivor was a young girl named Rita, who discovered the Black Bible and spent the next 200 years "playing house" with the reanimated residents. The destruction of the Black Bible freed these zombies and they apparently "died" once more.

There is no cure for becoming a zombie aside from being killed. While most zombies lack a sense of self, Rita was able to maintain hers after she transformed for reasons unexplained. Because gods lack a corpse upon death, it is unlikely they can be turned into zombies. The same might not apply to demons and hybrids.

Another known means of controlling zombies is through a staff owned by Rita, which has a skull on one end that glows red whenever in use.

Known Zombies[edit | edit source]

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